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We will optimise your sales & distribution channels for high performance.

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Sales Excellence

Sales Excellence is a sales performance improvement solution that optimises the flow, capability and capacity in sales and sales management processes directly linked to business results. It will balance efficiency, effectiveness and engagement in sales focusing on 4 key areas:

1. Markets & Segments

2. Sales & Sales Management Processes & KPI’s

3. Sales People & Capability

4. Tools & Technologies

The Sales Excellence programme is typically kicked-off with a Sales Health Check that identifies key improvement areas within the sales organisation and prioritises initiatives for implementation.

The Sales Healthcheck

The Sales Health Check provides an independent As-Is position report of an organisation’s sales and distribution function and processes. It grants a full understanding of the bright spots, the quick wins and improvement opportunities within each of the four dimensions.

It provides a prioritised potential project/initiative pipeline and high-level milestone plan identifying what would be short-, medium-, and longer-term to-do’s that facilitate improvement & growth.

Capability Building

Sales Excellence Capability Building Programme

A five-day Capability building programme, using either a simulation or a real-project, that focuses on building your distribution storyline from strategy through to implementation. It focusses on finding, winning and keeping new customers and/or distributors.

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