Operational Excellence

Our Operational Excellence solutions are tailored towards helping our financial services clients realise one clear objective: to achieve customer satisfaction, profitably. We optimise business processes, define clear roles and responsibilities, and establish performance management systems to drive continuous improvement. These solutions can be applied to teams, departments, or entire organisations.

Consulting Services

OPEX for Financial Services

Our approach has been developed and optimised through hands-on experience in the field for over 15 years. It is characterised by a high degree of rigor, and features a toolkit that is tested and delivers impactful results.

1. Scope projects and requirements

Understand customer, business, and stakeholder requirements – scope project goals, timeline, and team

2. Baseline the current situation and define the gap

Understand the current situation by visualising the process, identifying pain points, and collecting meaningful data – determine a clear baseline

3. Analyse the root causes

Identify the underlying issues causing the problems and determine the impact of the root-causes to the gaps

4. Solve the issues to deliver on customer requirements

Develop and prioritise solutions to effectively and efficient meet your customers’ requirements

5. Implement solutions and control the new process

Test and roll-out the solutions – apply transparent, highly effective visual performance management to ensure their sustainability

All Operational Excellence projects start with a briefing and scoping-session to define goals and end-customer requirements of the targeted process. Our client’s team and key stakeholders are intensively involved in the improvement of the process and are simultaneously trained on our methodology of continuous improvement. Ancora is involved from end-to-end, supporting from the scoping of the project to the post-implementation stage.

Capability Building

Yellow, Green, and Black Belt Programmes

Our Operational Excellence Capability Building programmes follow key principles of Lean & Six-Sigma, whilst being highly adapted to the Financial Services industry.

Programmes are highly interactive, and can be based on simulation-led exercised or actual projects that are worked through with the team on-site, following our thoroughly tested 5-phase methodology:

OPEX Cyclejpg

Yellow Belt

The Yellow Belt programme offers a first, hands-on, insight into the methodology. This one-day programme will enable its participants to speak the basic language of Operational Excellence, and prepares managers and employees for their roles within Operational Excellence projects.

Green Belt for Financial Services

The Green Belt programme follows a structured process improvement approach based on data and process analysis to achieve 100% customer satisfaction, profitably and sustainability. The programme is an intensive 5-day, hands-on training, with 30% theory and 70% application.

Participants will apply what they learn on their own current projects to maximise the impact of the training. Alternatively, they can also apply the learnings to a case study which is based on actual projects.

Black Belt for Financial Services

The Black Belt programme provides a deep-dive into the concepts and methodologies of Operational Excellence. This programme is targeted at project, process, and programme managers.

Participants of this programme will be equipped with additional quantitative tools and change management techniques to effectively lead and steer Operational Excellence projects and initiatives.

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