Operational and Financial Modeling

Integrated operational and financial modelling pinpoints sources of value creation (or destruction) in the business and operating model over time. Continuously projecting future outcomes based on current trends, planned initiatives and changes in the business environment enables transparent performance measurement, triggers timely decision-making and promotes coordinated action-taking to achieve business goals.

We help clients to design, test and deploy an economic model as a key management tool, effectively a ‘GPS for the business’.


Consulting Services

Deriving past and future financial outcomes from operational transactions, KPIs and assumptions provides one integrated version of the truth, and keeps plans and forecasts rooted in reality.

Use cases:

Operational and financial planning, forecasting and reporting

Performance management

Project evaluation & prioritisation

Distribution and strategic workforce planning

Cost budgeting & allocation, profit-testing

Value-based customer experience improvement

Capability Building

We help organisations to take ownership of the economic model and adapt their reporting, decision-making and performance management processes to be future-focused, collaborative and cross-functional.

We can also provide training and support in using the economic model to maximum effect, and how to embed value creation measurement into customer experience improvement initiatives.