Leadership Development

It is our fundamental belief that the sustainable success of any organisation stems from the continuous development of its people, staff and management. We hold true that each individual’s development path is unique, and that a diversity of personalities and skills greatly enriches an organisation’s potential for success.

We believe Leadership is Who You Are!

Leadership Programmes

We have created a Leadership Growth Programme primarily focused on supporting the development of the new leaders of tomorrow. We work closely with each individual to help them improve the delivery capabilities of their organisation, whilst simultaneously creating a harmonious working environment.

Our leadership programme philosophy revolves around the following key elements:


Understanding the approaches and methods


Application of the methods to real life scenarios


Gaining the confidence to apply the learning in every day life

Our Leadership Methodology

Tailored to meet the individual needs of our clients

1. Engagement Process

Key elements

Engagement guidelines

Individual scope

2. Situational analysis

Understanding the Organisation, understanding You

Reviewing  your Leadership Boundary Board

Crystalizing the development opportunity

3. Development plan

Building your Leadership Path

Building your Leadership Plan

Building your Measurement Plan

4. On-going mentoring

Plan sign-off & Expectation Management

Evaluation Approach

Transition Approach

Each development path is as unique as the individual. Depending on the particular needs identified, they may receive training in functional or behavioral techniques.

We recommend all development programs to be supported by an executive mentoring or coaching program.

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