With a high level of expertise, experience, and reputable results within the field of financial services, we provide our comprehensive solutions through what we term value-based collaboration.

Together, we will

develop the strategic storyline

We will develop strategic planning and management to establish a clear value proposition that fits your vision and growth path; we ensure that all targets and goals are specific and have measurable objectives and a disciplined follow-up process.

build sales structures

We will build and implement comprehensive sales strategies and execution programmes; we offer you our expertise to support sales development and execution teams that exploit technological advantages and improve your sales infrastructure.

maximise effectiveness and efficiency

We will apply process improvement and management methodologies – tools and techniques – with you and your teams to improve efficiency, manage risks appropriately and deliver effective solutions for your clients.

pinpoint sources of value creation

We will apply integrated operational and financial modelling: Continuously projecting future outcomes based on current trends, planned initiatives and changes in the business environment enables transparent performance measurement, triggers timely decision-making and promotes coordinated action-taking to achieve business goals.

provide technology and analytics

We will help businesses transform, grow and thrive in the digital age through strategic agility, digital transformation, new technology adoption, and stunning digital customer experiences.

transform and change

We will employ an end-to-end approach and process that motivates and mobilises your organisation towards its desired goals; we facilitate strategic sessions to develop the company-wide communication strategy.

develop your leaders

We will implement a development program that adds to the sustainable success of your organisation and continuously invests in the development of your people, staff and management.

professionally deliver projects

We will ensure that projects and initiatives are rigorously and transparently managed to deliver the desired impact and successful results. We will develop the discipline and methods required to sustainably instil the knowledge in your organization.

build in-house units

We will build internal consulting units that anchor knowledge and capabilities to lead strategic projects, bring down external spending and serve as a development pool for high potentials.


Ancora specialises in solutions to financial services clients

Insurance & Banking

Faced with a variety of challenges from their customers, skateholders and competitors

Private Equity

Ancora consults primarily to private equity funds and their investee compaines.