AMC was founded in 2013 and currently has offices in London and Munich. We are enthused to bring our clients quality, care and attention, with a refreshing outlook and approach rivalling what a traditionally offered by management consultancies.

Engagement process

“Our approach is quite simple. We become part of the client’s project team, develop impactful solutions based on our experiences and expertise, and ensure the sustainability of the results through active knowledge transfer to the organisation. In doing so we create value, together.”


Tony Benitez
CEO & Managing Partner of AMC


Ancora offers devoted end-to-end engagement and impactful solutions; from concept development to implementation. Our engagement is based on the principle of creating sustainable value for our clients by optimising and harmonising three fundamental business drivers:


“The Quality Commitment”:
Ensuring that customer expectations are met or exceeded.


“The Drive to Improve”:
Ensuring the optimization of processes and operating costs.


“The Way to Work”:
Working with one voice towards one common goal.

Our consultants support the development of teams and individuals. Capability building is tailored to the need of individuals and the organisation, and can vary from on-the-job coaching to in-classroom-programmes. Our consultants are also trainers who have a profound understanding of didactics and adult learning.

Our Solutions

We apply our solutions in close cooperation
with our clients across the entire organisational value chain.