Last week, Ancora held its first internal best practice sharing session with selected clients on the topic of leadership. During the session Tony Benitez expressed his views on some of the issues raised. An excerpt of the Q & A session is included below.

What, in your view, are the main challenges faced by new and upcoming leaders?

I think the very first challenge, and what needs to be understood and addressed is the type of leader one wants to be. And this is not as simple as it sounds. Especially, when individuals are placed into leadership positions either too early and / or without the appropriate level of support. By support I mean mentorship, coaching, and other such support structures.

The process of becoming an effective leader is all about one’s personal self-development. During this process we all encounter emotional highs, which I call moments of euphoria, and lows, or moments of feeling inadequate. These emotional states, in turn, make us think and behave in different ways and influence the decisions we take. I believe coaching and mentoring is valuable in trying to establish a balanced emotional state, which in turn allows for more balanced thinking and effective decision making, leadership….

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