Enabling Digital Innovation & Change

A networking event for practitioners
of corporate transformation within the Insurance Sector

25th April 2017

By Ancora Management Consulting (AMC)
& Elemental Concept (EC)

Elemental Concept in partnership with Ancora Management Consulting are hosting an invitation only event in London on the topic of digital innovation and transformation.

Why this event

Traditional firms in the insurance and other industries are experiencing a sea-change caused by digital disruption and the impact of technology on their traditional business and operating models. Altogether, these changes will reshape the future of the industry.

Non-traditional firms are entering the value chain, providing new products and approaches which put more control in the insured’s hands. Companies like Google, Amazon, Walmart and Ikea bring with them great brands, technical knowhow and the ability to directly interact with huge customer databases. Their initial technology-driven forays into the marketplace are a sign of things to come.

The established insurance companies are not resting on their laurels, but are actively pursuing technology-driven change strategies. Investments in Insurtech have increased fivefold in the three years to 2016

Technology as an enabler – but with significant risks

Technology investments, if managed properly, can transform organisations. A Japanese life insurance company has replaced an entire functional department within its Claims division by applied artificial intelligence.

However, simply jumping blindly onto the digital bandwagon without a coherent business strategy, execution ability and proactive change management support can lead to disaster.

Our response to the challenge

AMC and Elemental Concept are hosting a focused, invitation-only event for leaders and practitioners from within the insurance industry. We wish to explore the possibilities and limits of optimising technology to innovate and remain competitive in changing times.

Our vision

We wish to create an open, professional and confidential atmosphere where practitioners can learn from each other and freely share experiences – both the good and the bad – with transformative strategy and implementation, particularly but not only in the digital sphere.

Our first event will take place in

London, Kings Cross, Gridiron building
Tuesday, 25th April, 2pm – 6pm

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The hosts for the event:

Bimal Shah

CEO and Founder of Elemental Concept (EC)

Starting his career as a chartered accountant at KPMG, Bimal specialised in Tax Advisory, M&A, Privatisations and Listings. He spent the next 10 years working in the technology sector, moving to QinetiQ Plc, where roles ranged from Corporate Finance to Investments Director and Corporate Venturing. He went on to join two investee companies as part time CFO: at Sciemus Ltd, an insurance risk fund manager and Nomad Digital Ltd, a railway communications company. He soon moved to Nomad full-time with a more hands on role. The last 4 years have been spent building Leo Tech, a technology business across 3 countries that helps multinationals transform their approach to market through technology.

Tony Benitez

CEO and Managing Partner of Ancora Management Consulting (AMC)

Tony has over 25 years of experience in strategy, transformation, M&A, post integration implementation, change management and leadership. He was regional operations manager for GE, responsible for strategic planning and the implementation of the Six Sigma quality approach. At Allianz, he developed Operational Excellence (OPEX), a process improvement/re-engineering methodology, as well as a programme to help OE’s establish their own quality management units. He has developed and now conducts diverse training programmes and workshops worldwide in change management, strategic planning and leadership.

Our speakers

  • Ludovic Magnin, General Secretary of Verspieren Group and Head of Digital transformation
  • Gregoire Rastoul, Founder & CEO of UEX –  a successful online brokerage start-up in Asia
  • Scott Henry, Director of HomeServe Labs – a leading Internet of Things provider whose LeakBot product offers an innovative preventative solution to insurance claims

If you would like to learn more about this event, please contact Chris Meyer (chris.meyer@ancoramc.com)